Terri Graduated in 2002 with a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma. 

Terri Lukyn is a registered acupuncturist.  She started acupuncture in Squamish in 2003.  She trained in Victoria BC with Dr. Wally Mui at the International College TCM Victoria where she earned her Diploma as Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2002, and did a practicum in China.  She brings years of understanding and experience to every session and genuinely enjoys helping others feel better. In 2010 Terri worked on Athletes  at the Olympics in Whistler BC.  For Acute or Chronic pain, she is the go to acupuncturist in Squamish since 2003.  Before the midwives moved to Squamish Terri did all the prenatal and fertility treatments working and training with top scholars in this field. Terri went to New York in August of 2018 and trained under Ann Cecil-Sterman using advanced acupuncture.  She knows herbology well and uses high quality patent formulas.  Due  to a high demand from patients for Colon Hydrotherapy, Terri trained with Tanesja Vogel in North Vancouver BC and now offers Colon Hydrotherapy with the APS- 100 from Prime Pacific Health Innovations, which is a closed system of hospital quality.  This model is sold to hospitals around the world.  Terri uses acupuncture, patented herbal formulas, detox products and Colonics to get great results for problems with digestion or just to clean and asses the entire digestive process for her patients.


  •  Graduated with a Diploma - Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine  2002
  •  Returned from 3 month Practicum in China - Tianjin 2002
  • Passed as a BC Regulated Health Care professional - Registered Acupuncturist - 2003
  • Opened Jadescreen Acupuncture in Downtown Squamish BC - 2003
  •  Worked on and served athletes at the 2010 Olympics - Whistler BC - 2010
  • Opened Clinic in Valleycliffe with Colon Hydrotherapy - 2018
  • Anne Cecil- Sterman Clinic Workshop - Girona, Spain - 2022